What are the most common types of Fairfield County animals that dig up the yard?

The Fairfield County critters that come out during the night may look cute, but in the end they can turn destructive. These animals are out to get food, and they will look in the areas that they believe they can get the most food. The raccoons can roll up the lawn, and they will be searching for larval insects. The skunks decide to make small holes while looking for insect larva. Squirrels also dig holes so that they can bury their food. Skunks and raccoons come out only during the night. Squirrels will work only when it is daylight, so if you see that the holes only appear overnight, you should not suspect the squirrels. Other animals that can dig in your yard include moles and gophers.

The first sign that will show that there are grubs in your lawn are brown spots that are at least three inches in diameter. If you see that the spots continue to grow, then it shows that grubs are enlarging their feeding place. The Connecticut animals are likely to come into your home mostly in the fall when they want to get extra calories that will help them to survive the winter. The animals should be fatter if they want to survive the harsh elements.

When you find shallow holes that have loosened soil, then the culprit is likely the Fairfield County skunk. The skunk makes these holes when they press their nose into their soil to dig using their front claws. A skunk can get their food under the surface. If it is the skunk that has dug in your garden, the area will be looking as if it has been tilled. If it is a skunk that comes into your garden, then you may smell skunk odor. The Connecticut raccoons make sod chunks that are ripped and then flipped over. The raccoon will make the hole by digging using its front paws which look like hands. They will pull up the soil and flip it over. This is common if the sod has just been laid or the grass has shallow roots.

If you want to keep away the skunks and Fairfield County raccoons, you should use beneficial nematodes and grub control so that you can get rid of the grubs they seek. Such microscopic roundworms can hunt down the insect larvae or grubs, and they can continue to be effective up to two years. They are safe for earthworms, pets and people. As a temporary solution, you may cover the area where the skunks dig with netting. The animal will be irritated when they feel that there is a barrier where they want to dig. The netting has to be removed while the lawn is being mowed.

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