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How to catch a wild Fairfield County animal with a snare pole

Catching a wild Fairfield County animal on your own with a snare pole should never be your first option if you are not an animal care professional. Animals nesting in your house are most likely nesting, and protective mothers can often be vicious. Though some websites may say that the hissing and tooth-bearing of raccoons and possums is posturing, trying to catch a wild animal by yourself with a snare pole puts you at unnecessary risk of contracting a disease like rabies or the bubonic plague. If you must try to catch a wild Connecticut animal with a snare pole, wear jeans, gloves, and a thick, long sleeve shirt to protect yourself from potential bites or scratches. Keep in mind, you can also catch airborne diseases so if you must do this yourself, wear a facemask and protective goggles. Do not touch your face and mouth until after washing thoroughly.

A wild Fairfield County animal, especially one that is nesting in your house will view an approaching human (and said human’s snare pole) as a threat. The best way to appear less threatening is to be calm and slow in your approach without looking too large. Animals rely on posturing to indicate threat to one another and will often retaliate if cornered, so a gentle approach is also more conducive to your safety. Keeping the pole down at your side or behind you can help to make you appear non-threatening.

When using a snare pole, be sure to use one that is 3-5 feet in length. This will allow you to hold the Connecticut animal far enough away that you are both out of danger, and it the pole will be short enough for easy handling. If you don’t have a catch pole handy and need one immediately, run a rope or thick wire (a thin one may break or hurt the animal) down a piece of PVC piping, allowing enough slack to let the loop hang open around the animal on one end, and for you to pull the rope or wire on the other end. If you have a snare pole made by professionals, you may hold the release knob open, loosening the cable that runs through the pole, but be aware of the objects around you so as not to catch something else in the process. Keep low and avoid direct eye-contact with the animal. You may speak in soothing tones as well, but avoid any and all aggressive behavior.

Once you are within range, slip the noose around the Fairfield County animal’s neck from the front. Let go of the release knob and the noose will tighten around the animal’s neck. Do not tug hard or you risk injuring the animal. Keep it at pole’s length and guide it to the cage. Once the animal is safely contained, call an animal care professional or, if you can transport the animal safely, take it to your local humane society.

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